Wednesday, 27 July, 2011

Learning from moments..

Today, I was just sitting in my room and was thinking about the previous day, actually it was my birthday yesterday and I have completed 23 years on this earth (you can wish me belated happy b’day :P). Just imagine, 23 years! I mean I can’t believe that I am 23 years old because I don’t behave like a 23 year old girl and this thought of me has been approved by my parents, siblings and friends.

But today, for me, another year passed. I mean for me, new year starts from 26th July and when I look back I realize that I have lost so many things, gained few things and new experiences, hurt a lot of people, tried to make few people smile etc.

All the ups and downs of life I have seen last year are experiences for me now. All that is past now but it’s still within me just like a smile that stays on your face after a huge laughter. Last year was full of surprises and shocks. I have got so many beautiful moments, they were like dream come true, just the way I have imagined in my dreams. And if it comes to shock, I would never like to relive those moments, never!

You know something, knowing yourself is never easy. Each and every time when you are hundred percent sure of knowing yourself, your inner face changes its color so quickly that when you look yourself in mirror, it reflects of someone else, and you’re shocked!

I believe with every passing moment, you become someone else. Moments are mysterious in nature, you never know what’s at the other end of that moment, whether you’d be super happy or you’d be broken. And when you’re done with that particular moment, you’re again shocked!

And these are the things you don’t have any control on, you just have to see it and do nothing because you really can’t do anything. But few changes are for good and they transform your persona in a good way making you more magnificent and mature enough to handle odd situations. Like last year, I have travelled alone for the first time, I even bribed few cops ( it’s a secret not to be told in this era of Anna Hazare and Ramdev Baba but still I am confessing it and I care a damn about it ), jumped into the fight of two morons for no reason, watched movies, cried like an infant, hurt the feeling of few peoples and I even lied.

Last year also demanded honest answers of several questions but I am afraid I have ‘shortage of answers’. I try so hard to run away from these unanswered questions, sometimes I fill few of them in my cupboards, and few of them are crushed beneath my feet, I even try to burn them up but every time they are born again to bug me every moment.

I don’t know what this coming year holds for me. I have no idea whether it will make me smile or make me go crazy. I am not sure whether the coming moments will be preferred one or not but it will be interesting and that is for sure.


  1. life is a roller coaster ride, full of ups and downs... enjoy it. And happy belated happy birthday ! :)

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  2. Belated Happy Birthday and wishing you a rocking year ahead. Lovely post!

  3. Beautiful post..I came across your blog while I ws doing a lil bit of blog-hopping :) Love the posts..They are so honest, deep and from the heart! Keep writing..And Gappy birthday and may all your wishes come true this year:)

  4. Firstly happeee b'day...
    The problem with the questions is they keep coming back to haunt you...
    Even I get into the soul-searching mode when it nears my birthday.. I thought I was weird.. now I know atleast one more person who does the same.. yippeee xD nice post

  5. Belated B'day wishes and I hope the coming year does make you smile :).....Nice post....people do change with every passing moment but very few can actually realize that change.....

  6. @ all

    Thanks a lot for the lovely comments and b'day wishes... This moment really holds happiness for me..thnx once again :)

  7. First of all a belated wishes on your Birthday!
    And about life the topic says it all " we learn from moments" . We live in the hope that things will be better and good and so will it be for you in the years to come. So let's keep hoping for good things to come. ( DO I seem old here? Nah, trust me, I'm not! )

    ....Here I Am!

  8. Sanjana,

    Belated MANY MANY HAPPY RETURNS OF THE DAY. MAY ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE. Relax. If one can understand self it is miracle. We learn at each step of life and this continues till our final departure. One should follow own conscience and let the life be what it is. Also it is necessary to be positive to feel happy. Mind you this can be done. Apropos your reply in previous post, who says you are not good? Be yourself without any worries as long as your conscience is clear.

    Take care

    PS : Was looking for your views on my post on media. Hope you check your mail.

  9. Happy belated birthday as well! good stuff you got here!