Sunday, 27 February, 2011

Play with colors...Paint your life..!!

"Spring has returned. The Earth is like a child that knows poems". ~Rainer Maria Rilke
Spring is here, and I did not even come to know about it. I always used to believe that spring is my favorite season. But this time, I did not know when my favorite season knocked at my door of bliss.
Anyways, it is said that, most beautiful things or/and feelings enter your life so quickly and so calmly that you don’t even realize. For instance, umm…, like, first love or a careless smile or even a tear.
Spring is like a magic. It tells us that, ‘hey you, evolve and enjoy’. And you know, what I feel is the best part about this season? Undoubtedly, colorful flowers, the red roses or cherry blossom…everything just looks so beautiful and oh so perfect!
So, it’s the time to paint your life with bright colors, get high and smile (like you smile for no reason when you’re in love). ;)
Welcome spring!

Wednesday, 23 February, 2011

Time Flies!

When I was a kid, the world was so big. I had just one routine every day. I used to wake up early in the morning, maintain my school bag and get ready for the school. I had lots of friends at school, we used to play, run in the corridors, spoil our dress and never study. Actually for me, school was the place where I used to have lots of fun. I never used to finish my lunch and at home I was always scolded for this by my mom. I remember, during coming back to home, there used to be plenty of kiosks of chaat, chuski, candy floss, ice-cream parlours etc. But now, there are games parlour, mobile shops and shopping malls and still it feels so quiet. Maybe, the world is becoming smaller.

When I was a kid, the evenings were used to be so long. As soon as the warmth of sun did not use to affect me anymore, I used to be out of my house. There were countless games we used to play; hide and seek, tippy tippy tap and many other games. Mom used to call me after 3-4 hours of my playing, chalo beta, enough u have played and this was how I was forced to be back at home. Now, I cannot feel the magic of evening. The day finishes without an evening. Maybe, the time doesn’t like to stay longer now.

When I was a kid, friendship used to be very strong. All day and all night, we just used to play, gossip and fight for silly reasons. There was no Diwali and no Holi without friends. Now, many festivals go by and I what I only receive is an SMS or an e-mail. Maybe, the relationships are changing now.

When I was a kid, the games were so weird. Now; work, seminars, movies and internet doesn’t permit me to spend few moments with myself and friends. Maybe, the life is changing now.

I am longing to live those days again. Life is so small and you don’t even realize that you’re changed and people around you have changed. We are just running and running and not living the moment to its fullest. Life is meant to be enjoyed and not destroyed. Live like a king but I’ll rather live like a queen. :)

Monday, 21 February, 2011

Visiting Delhi-6

Few days back, went to the famous ‘paranthe wali gali’ in chandni chowk with friends. Although, I have been to old Delhi many times, but never was able to go that legendary place. There were many reasons that restrained me to go to that place. Firstly, huge traffic jams surrounding that area, it actually need someone really courageous to visit Delhi-6 through his/her private vehicle. Secondly, my parents never allowed me to visit there by my own because of the massive crowd (they still think I am a little child or something). But, today I really thank Delhi metro from the core of my heart that made visiting Delhi-6 so easy.
Anyways, as soon as we headed towards that famous street, first thought that struck my mind was, am I really in Delhi (the Delhi I live in has broad roads, huge buildings and people who doesn’t really care about what’s happening around?). I mean little cozy streets and too much noise that aren’t really annoying and some unknown but sweet smell surrounding us. The aura there was so pure and so fresh that’s so hard to explain in words.
Finally we reached that street and saw the chains of small restaurants. Somehow we chose a restaurant (actually, there wasn’t any restaurant but a small room kind of structure where large assemblage of people of all the age group were sitting and enjoying the gossip\talks and meal) that’s there for more than a century. We sat there and ordered four types of parathas. It was 30 bucks for a single paratha and it was necessary to take at least two parathas. With parathas, they gave two kinds of veggies, banana chutney, green chutney and few pickles. We ate the parathas, gossiped like anything (girls love gossips :P) and ended the meal with a big glass of lassi. On the top of lassi,there was thick layer of cream, as I don’t like cream, so I made sure that, somehow it does not go in my mouth.
After that we roamed around the streets of delhi-6 and had lots of fun, for me it was really after a long time that I enjoyed this much. For all those who haven’t really visited delhi-6, go visit there now, because that’s where the soul of Delhi is.
PS: there was nothing really extraordinary in those parathas but what made it extraordinary were the ambiance and the culture that’s prevailing there for more than a century.

Sunday, 20 February, 2011

100 gram zindagi.

It’s so much time since I updated my blog. Work and studies never even gave me the chance to write about myself and around myself. But today after long time, I am free, free to think and free to write.

It’s around 4’O clock in the evening, and weather is, masha allah, so beautiful. Silvery clouds and cold breeze, and it can rain anytime. Rain is my love. Ever since my childhood days, I loved rain and loved to dance in rain and feel the silky, tiny rain drops on my face. Life seemed so loving that time.

But as I grew and became old enough to realize the realities of life, life was never the way it used to be for me during my childhood days. I really miss those days. But the fact is, these realities only taught me how to deal with life and how to make it more fun.
Up till now, I can conclude, life is very beautiful, you just need to steal the good moments and dump the bad ones, and you’re ready to rock and roll.

And, by the way, it started raining and let me enjoy my love. :)