Sunday, 25 May, 2008

Being Her

'Funny'. She wanted the word to strike everyone who thought of her. It was all she wanted as a compliment. She wouldn't believe she was beautiful, intelligent or even a good human being.

"And then everyone laughed". She wanted all her stories to end with this.

However, she wasn't content, as there were people around her who were funnier and unlike her did not seem to be trying too hard.

When unable to sleep, she would fancy everyday situations and ways to add laughter to them. She could not say what motivated her to create laughter around, was it because she wanted to be liked by everyone, or because it was in fashion to have a sense of humour or perhaps she saw that it gave meaning to her life.

One fine morning, she decided to stop making jokes and start taking life seriously. That day her friends got bored but she revelled in the thought of controlling their laughter.

She realised that this power gave her more satisfaction than cracking jokes.

That day, she felt deeply happy after a long time.

That day, she realized that she was a terrible human being and began her journey to understand herself, find answers and ask questions. For the next one week she did not speak, not a single word, remained asleep for three days.

She thought she might lose her mind, but now she did not care. The next week she watched her favourite sitcoms throughout.

When fear of losing her sanity got the better of her, she decided to get a complete makeover. She cut her long hair short, got a new wardrobe and managed to look stunning, came back to reality, in the midst of her friends and then everyone laughed.