Wednesday, 22 February, 2012

Hello all! I don’t have much work in office today, so just thought to update my blog! It always feels good to share our thoughts, feelings, notions and expressions with fellow bloggers. I mean one can share anything here, right? 

Basically, I am here to crib about Facebook junkies who have lost their mind out somewhere and who keeps irritating me every time I login to my FB account. Though, I am not much of a Facebooker and deactivated my account long ago for some weird reason. But here, at my office, had to create two separate FB accounts for some professional requirements. One is of absolutely of no use, and in second one, I have my friends, colleagues and my cousins who found me somehow, god know how!

A while ago, I was going through one of my friend’s profile and I saw terribly sentimental status that could even make a stone cry. I called him and found out that he had a break-up with his girlfriend of two weeks. What rubbish! He needs a tight slap to be brought back to reality, I hope you’re reading this, moron! 

I have always failed to understand why the hell people display their emotions through FB status? Why can’t they just go to that person and say it? That would be more effective and plausible and REAL obviously, isn’t it? 

‘Ate an ice-cream in this f****ing chilly winter’, ‘Yayy Sunday! Sunday! Car wash day!’ ‘Drank all night, terrible hangover’ – statuses (that too at a stunning speed of 5 statuses/minute) like these really piss me off and I can’t believe people with such lame status messages are related to me somehow! Can’t tell you the horror!

You won’t believe I have seen people making a whole album of 52 photos out of a ‘pizza-lunch-day-out’ – happens to be the name of that album (that’s an art, really)! And I was like, are you kidding me? Hasn’t anyone seen pizza or you eating a pizza or a pizza eating you? Get a life!

Now, we come at check-ins! ‘At home’, ‘At bed’, ‘In cab’ ‘In bathroom’, ‘At Laxmi nagar metro station’, are people really going crazy or am I hallucinating? People who make such horrible check-ins should know that nobody cares where the hell you are, after all you aren’t a celebrity or a Bigg Boss contestant! Such check-ins just makes you sound super idiotic, trust me on that!

One thing I forgot to mention, my one friend loves Hrithik Roshan like anything. By default I saw 7 Hrithik Roshan, 5 Katrina Kaif and 4 Priyanka Chopra in her friend list! I was at loss of words when I saw that. I have no comments for this!

Apart from showing the world that you have planted 5 carrots in your Farmville, there are people who are more interested in other people’s lives than their own. They don’t have any better thing to do in life than to stalk their ex’s/acquaintance’s profile, their current bf/gf’s profile, and then their uncle’s, their niece’s, their grandmother’s, their cat’s, their dog’s and so forth. This might look stupid but this is scary as hell, trust me because stalking is what made me deactivate my profile.

I just wish FB lovers to realize that such lame activities could be fun to you but for others it’s sheer horror! Amen!