Wednesday, 11 January, 2012

Being Human

I am trapped by being a woman,
I am trapped by being a Hindu,
I am trapped by being a North Indian, by being an Indian. 
I am trapped by being a journalist. 
I am trapped by being neurotic. 
But sometimes, the more I keep my eyes, mind and heart open 
I am freed by being human.

Monday, 2 January, 2012

Let bygones be bygones! hAPPY nEW yEAR!

Finally, it’s a new year today. To be true, I was eagerly waiting for 2012 to begin. No, not because it is advertised to be the year of doomsday but, because I see it as a year full of new dreams, success and lot of anticipation, at least for me! 

I am certainly not in mood of writing a long and detailed post as of now. I just want to write about a new year. That’s it! Last year was just average for me, not a mind-blowing one but yeah I learnt a lot of things and evolved as a person. And, that’s what matters, isn’t? 

Last year, my adorable pet died that caused me immense pain but as it is said in ‘Geeta’ soul is immortal, I accept his death wholeheartedly. Do I even have any other option?

Anyway, on a happier note, previous year offered me few genuine friends, work and uncountable smiles too! :)

I really loved Shammi Kapoor and Jagjit Singh and I was literally taken aback by the demise of these two great souls. Just imagine if there wouldn’t be Jagjit Singh, who would have stirred the million romantic hearts with numerous melodious ghazals. And, what to say about Shammi Kapoor? He has always been my favorite. Read the lines below:

Hai ban ne sawarne ka tab hi mzaa,
koi dekhne waala aashiq toh ho,
nahin toh yeh jalwe hai bujhte diye,
koi mittne wala aashiq toh ho…!

If there wouldn’t be Shammi Kapoor, who would have made ‘Badan pe sitaare lapete hue, Oh jaane tamanna kidhar ja rahe ho’ a rage nationwide? Just watch him in this song and you will fall in love with him! I bet you!

Anyway, 2012 has arrived, let bygones be bygones! Let us all welcome this year with broad smiles and open hearts! And, I am really sorry if I have ever hurt anyone, hurting anyone is never my intention, trust me on that! :)

I hope this year brings lot of happiness, success and peace to this nation. May all of you be blessed with immense pleasure and health!

Keep Rocking! :)