Thursday, 16 June, 2011

Young Forever!

Few days back, one interesting thing happened.  It was kind of very soothing night here in Delhi, slightly cold breeze and partially clear sky. I was enjoying every bit of this lovely weather while standing in my balcony. Suddenly my ears heard few calming tunes of black and white era. Okay, after a minute I was able to recognize the song, it was, ‘Zindagi bhar nahi bhoolegi woh barsaat ki raat..’ and I too started humming this song, actually to be true I was not humming, I was literally screaming. All of a sudden my neighbor came outside in his balcony and started staring me. He then asked me whether I like this song. I nodded my head in agreement. Then we just started talking on random topics and laughed and gossiped. Then his wife also joined us in his balcony and later I came to know that it was wife’s birthday and they were celebrating it and were dancing on that song which I was trying to sing in my very high pitched voice few moments back. Then they invited me to join them in their celebration, and I was like, okay..I am just coming in a bit. I was back at my room and was searching my cupboards for a book to wrap it up quickly and give it to them as a gift. The book was a Hindi novel named as ‘Gunaahon ke Devta’ by Dharamvir Bharti. (I only have read few pages of this book, and I find this novel too filmy. Basically, I don’t like anything and/or anyone which/who is filmier than me :P) I always wanted to get rid of this book, and this occasion, I felt, was the bestest chance to get rid of it. ;)

Next moment, I gave them their book, and they were like..areh arreh, iski kya jarurat thi and I murmured to myself I don’t care whether you need it or not but I truly need to get rid of this book :P. Later they offered me a big piece of cake (if somehow I would have known that they would be offering me this ultra big piece of cake, then I would really not have joined them in their party because I hate cakes X-( ) While I was trying to eat that super big piece of cake, I noticed that there were only three people in that room and it was really odd to see an old couple to celebrate any occasion this blissfully without their sons or daughters or relatives. So I enquired them about their family, education, social life, favorite movies and songs and blah blah like any FBI agent. And they even patiently answered my each and every question. They have only one son who lives abroad and comes to India once or twice in 3-4 years. Even when he is home he spends most of his time with his friends. I noticed that they became very emotional while talking about their beloved son and I could even see their wrinkled eyes getting wet, but at the very same time they told me that they don’t hold any grudges against their son instead they feel happy that their son is very well settled in some European country. But actually, I could sense the pain in those happy words.

But still I was so puzzled that this couple is so aged (they were something around 65 or 70), how they have managed to be so happy and still so healthy, so I asked them this question. You know what they said? They said, ‘LOVE’, love for each other which is still as fresh as morning’s air and as sacred as the Geeta. Believe me, this one word answer touched my soul. I never had expected this answer, and I couldn’t say anything but just smile.

I now meet them almost every day and trust me I never have seen this couple worried or sad. I don’t know from where they get so much passion and courage to lead this life so delightfully. They play badminton and volleyball with little kids in our apartment, they sing, they dance, they crack jokes and they are so much in love with each other and most importantly they respect this miracle called ‘life’. I believe, they have something extra ordinary in them and I am still wondering what that extra ordinary thing is.

Humph, I guess that’s what we call ‘Living life king size’ :P, but jaate jaate ek sher arz hai ;)

Apni jawani ka gurur kisko hai Ghalib, Jawani umra se nahi karishme se jhalakni chahiye..”


  1. Superb! May god bless everyone with the luck of finding their true love and to live forever with em!

    Well written! "I Like" :)

  2. Nice blog!!! most of the posts are amazing, your writing style is simple and refreshing, Keep writing :)

  3. Cute:) May they be like this forever!

  4. Its the pain of their only son not with them at this stage of life in their eyes yet they know they can live life crying all day long so took the better way. Nice read:)

  5. Loved it... There is so much life around us that gives us examples of why it's not about whining but smiling on the obstacles. Thanks for sharing such a sweet piece of your routine. :)
    P.S. who doesn't like cakes? are you nuts? that offended me :P


  6. Sanjana,

    It is in one's hands how to live, happily or in sad state. We forget to look at the blessings we have and crib only about what is bothering us. Once you make up your mind to be happy, you can do it. And mind you, almost everyone will love to share your happiness but how many will be there to listen to your woes? It is only those who feel close to you who will be with you always.

    Take care

    PS : Could not visit you for a long time as I could not open your space. Now I navigated from you comment in my post and was so happy to read these two posts. It is pleasure to read what you write. I missed it and you have also been absent for some time. Left comment on previous post too. And I like the way you said " so aged (they were something around 65 or 70)", as we are in the same age group. LOL.

  7. Beautiful anecdote. May the couple be blessed with all health and the company of each other for a very long time. :)

    And the secret of living without worries? Outlook.

    Blasphemous Aesthete

  8. nice post. god bless both of them. would love to meet them he he.they live their life in a true perspective.

  9. i couldnt help but notice that at the very end you wrote ' me I never have seen this couple worried or sad".....but earlier in the story you wrote how sad they were when they talked about their son????

  10. @ Anonymous ..

    I blv every single prsn on dis earth lives with little sorrow atleast... and the lovely couple I tokd abt in this post also had troubles in their life bt what amazed me abt this couple was their wonderful vision towards life...and on d odr hand, I do agree..there was little error in my way of writing and presenting things..I accept it...and btw thnx a lot for ur honest comment.. I appreciate it :)

  11. hi sanjana,
    i was just browsing google and accidentally landed on this page. i was touch by your story (even shed a tear ;-) ).
    true love is really hard to find in this generation and even if found the person to marry, sometimes you may end up divorcing him/her.
    i dream for the day that love and marriage would be sacred again.
    a cheer for love!

  12. Hey Anonymous part 2..

    Nice to see your comments! Though your name would have made it much more real and effective :)