Sunday, 4 December, 2011

Be a MAN, respect women!

Hi all, it’s quite a long time since I have posted anything on my sweet blog. :) So, what’s up with everyone? Aal iz well or naat? o_O

Now, after all these funny formalities, one a serious note let me ask you all a question. What is the first thing and/or word you land upon when I say ‘woman’? I asked him the same question and he landed up saying the worst quote ever “a source of getting a few seconds of orgasm”.  And, I was like, what did he just he drunk or what? After a couple of minutes, I walked away.

To be true, most of the men are bastards, and I say this without a single doubt. They’ll talk about women emancipation, their freedom, their education, their rights and what not? But deep down within, they still treat women as a mere thing and would compare them to furniture, animals and the comparisons don’t stop.

Tell me, what do you think about women?

A poor little creature who is fully obsessed with pink?

A source of getting few moments of pleasure?

A fool who keeps crying over stupid things?

A creature that bleeds for a week and still doesn’t die?

Her boobs and curvy ass turns you on?

Someone who easily takes over your jobs or opportunities on the basis of mushy talks, appearance or gender?

A source behind every feud?

A moron who keeps a record of your balance and even fights over a single rupee?

If a woman reminds you of any of the above idea, then you’re the biggest chu***a on this earth! No offence though I care a damn!

Guys, she is faaaar better than you all. She loves you, cares for you and will do anything, mind it ANYTHING on this earth just to make you happy.

Now when I am still not over that quote of him, I feel like slapping him hard on face and shouting it out loud, ‘saale is this the reason why you keep crying over a single girl every time we meet?’

For all those male chauvinists who are always talking/speaking/writing shit about a lady, grow up because:

She is a caring mother.
She is a naughty yet helpful sister.
She is a loyal girlfriend.
She is a devoted wife.
She is a loving daughter.
She is a kind grandmother.

Look at her and you’ll feel the divinity!

You’re here BECAUSE she is here. She goes through terrible pain and that too without a single complaint or fear and gives birth to your baby, nephew, niece, grandson, granddaughter. She is a mine of relations.

Respect her and love her!

PS: And, if the above post doesn't bring even a tiny alteration to your ugly perception about women, then dude, have fun and don’t show me your face ever again! It was NEVER nice meeting you!



  1. Sanjana,

    Nice to see you back and that too with a much needed post. I agree with you that awareness level has to be raised for making women respected. I have been with a NGO which was working for rural development with focus on women empowerment and am now consultant with them due to age factor. I always think of women as power which is untapped and can change so many ills of society. Hope this is read and understood by many persons and there is no reply like the one you got, even as a joke.

    Take care

    PS : Do you ever check your mail?

  2. Hey Jack :)

    How are you?

    And, yeah I check my mail regularly and I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for that lovely card you had sent me on my b'day :) That was really sweet :D

  3. Agree... but yeah she is the only reason behind each and every fight in those college days... :P but yeah women must be respected for their pain & sacrifice.

    Weakest LINK

  4. Hey Rachit :)

    Is she the ONLY reason?? :P

  5. Male chauvinists are many in numbers, prejudice about women is a reality but the ultimate reality prevails. there are nosy women who can create a fight out of nothing and there are male animals who cannot see anything other than flesh when looked on a woman.

    The generalization is the biggest mistake, isolation of the black mole is the right method to deal it.

    I 100% agree with you when its about manliness is giving respect to a woman, not showing his manliness

    Keep writing :-)

  6. First time on your blog.
    Liked your style of writing.
    Nice presentation ,Sanjana.
    Hope to see you in today’meet.
    If you like Hindi blogs,
    Pl..find time to visit my blog.

  7. That was a strong post, but much needed. A gentleman treats a lady like a lady, not as a piece of meat and something to be thrown around. It's regrettable that there are too few gentlemen in the world. Most men have no real idea what being a Man really amounts to. Sad.
    A much required post to show male chauvinists their place. Hope they read it. Cheers.

  8. i Totally Agree With You..........
    Women Respect Is Better Than God Prayer.

  9. Women jewel of inestimable value!!!! Let us all learn one or two lessons from this piece cause it cuts across so many of us.