Saturday, 12 March, 2011

Euthanasia plea for Life?

Few days back heard about Aruna Shanbaug’s case. There has been a huge debate over whether she would be granted mercy killing or not. Anyways, Supreme Court rejected the euthanasia plea filed by Pinki Virani (who has written a couple of books on Aruna’s life). According to Pinki, letting Aruna live this way is not a ‘dignified’ way of living in a society. And I too can imagine, the pain and turmoil that Aruna would feel each day from past 36 years, but I shall not forget, I can only imagine and not feel. But does that give me right to go and file another petition in any court and ask for the death of a ‘still alive’ lady? I don’t really know the answer but I am sure Aruna does not even know that there is so huge cry over her being killed. But does anyone care what she wants? She cannot even express her feelings, joys and sorrows. Who knows, maybe she want to live. 

Ask the nurses of KEM hospital, the smile on their faces does not need words to explain the heights of their joy. I really and truly praise the judgment of SC to decline the Euthanasia plea but allowing the way of passive euthanasia to let us believe that life is not a burden. I always believed, you get life only once, if you’re making someone smile every day, you’re living it the right way. Nature has given us lot of powers, but the power of taking someone’s life is only hers.

Ms Aruna Shanbaug, I see you as a victory. Victory of joy over sorrow, victory of endurance over chaos. She is the Life, how could anyone file a euthanasia plea for life?


  1. I agree that life is a good thing. You probably have only one life and as long as you are making someone smile you are living it the right way. But the question is is she able to make people happy. i bet anyone who sees her will not be happy, but sad to see her pain. Like you said, she cannot express her feelings and sorrows...its like you are struck in a cage forever. I would not want to live such a life....and i bet, even she won't.It is my personal feeling...but i like your thought and respect your feelings about life.

  2. Hey Sub,
    Nice to know your view.
    I agree she is not able to crack joke, smile or even wink at you but how would you explain the wide smiles on the faces of several nurses who has been taking care of Aruna from more than past 3 decades? I think directly or indirectly Aruna is responsible for their joy. How would you describe that?
    And as far as about the euthanasia plea, in hindi, its called as Itchamrityu, but in this case I cant see the Itcha of Aruna. I don't know why but for me, she represents joy to me.
    And btw, that's my personal viewpoint, it's not necessary everyone would be agreeing to it. :)

  3. I respect your viewpoint Sanjana....i think it's just me. As i said, If I was struck in that body, I would want Ichhamrityu...

  4. A very complex situation.

    Frankly, I have not been able to make up my mind on whether what they did was right or wrong.

    I have a strong opinion - for me in the same situation. But for her, I can't say :-(

  5. I guess you know my views on this topic... I personally feel the opposite, but I respect your opinion too.
    I felt noone would want to live like this caged in a body for 37 years, not knowing how the world around her has changed.
    As a doctor, I have seen so many cases like hers ( I refer to the vegetative state ) and often, it is the lack of empathy / lack of finances to look after the patient for a prolonged period / just not able to see he patient suffer that results in the family giving up.
    Here, the nursing fraternity stood up for one of their own and that is commendable... I just wonder if in doing so, they haven't caused her more suffering ?

  6. I really would not like using the terms vegetative for her, her condition is much like a three months old baby and baby shall be loved and taken care of, is what I believe. :)

  7. but thats just it isnt it... she isnt 3 months old. she suffered extensive brain damage and became dependent for 37 years !!! She hasnt spoken, cant communicate, cant point out her favourite food... you have to pray she cant understand her surroundings because if she can, then the suffering would only be 10 fold more

  8. Right, but question still remains the same dat granting euthanasia will let her die with dignity?

  9. But, after all, isnt their even a single way in this much sophisticated world, to determine what does Aruna feels about her present state and whether she opts to die? I think its her words and thoughts that are to be recorded, than just circumstancial evidences, coz the glass can be half-full and half-empty at the same time.