Wednesday, 11 January, 2012

Being Human

I am trapped by being a woman,
I am trapped by being a Hindu,
I am trapped by being a North Indian, by being an Indian. 
I am trapped by being a journalist. 
I am trapped by being neurotic. 
But sometimes, the more I keep my eyes, mind and heart open 
I am freed by being human.


  1. I am trapped by seing these lines :)
    i comment my appreciations to relieve myself !

  2. After all these trappings, trying to be human is quite an endeavour and being human is quite an achievement.

  3. Lots of things to trap, but we have to search go find what sets us free I think.

  4. Good to realize that you are free. At the end of the day, it about freedom to be the human we desire to be.

  5. Sanjana,

    Read 2 posts now. May 2012 be just the way you want it to be. Loss of pet is very sad and I can say so as we have faced it thrice. Both Jagjit Singh and Shammi Kapoor were class by themselves. I agree with you that we got to keep our mind and heart open to be human.

    Take care

  6. Those are very heart touching and amazing lines by you. You are right its not whether one is a hindu, man, woman, or anything else for that matter, but if that person is human inside thats more than anything else.

  7. trapped we all are till we open our mind.....nice one :)

  8. loved your blog :) you should take out some time and update it more often :)